Synaesthetic Monk's Blues

Phantasmagoria, magic lantern shows, spectacles without substance. They achieved complete sensory experiences through noise, incense, lightening, water. There may be a time when we'll attend Weather Theaters to recall the sensation of rain.

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The main thing a musician would like to do, is to give a picture to the listener of the many wonderful things he knows of and senses in the universe... I'm using the insides of sounds to move around in a very subtle way which, I think, ends up being inevitable. I feel it's the only solution to that particular problem that I presented myself.

Monday, August 21, 2006

00:35 - the electric Tropicana fruit punch

01:10 - Shylock disguised as Wolverine - one big thick blunt sun caged within adamantium claws

01:45 - The centrifugal force created by Neptune's frentic revolutions are a tad too much for the interstellar threads. The planet careens off into blissful oblivion shattering amidst this psychedelic synaesthetic funk.

02:05 - The Quest for the missing Rothman's.

02:10 - Quest abandoned after an eternal search along with GMAT

02:20 - Tuned in, turned on, and dropping out...


  • Crimson Cosmos & Boogie Bubbles, we've been crowned the King of Cloud Daemons...
  • Watchtowers to the South of the City, they form the NOW, monumental shrines to the new Lords: Abstract, Geometry, Madness and Recursion.
  • Enter the dragon, the clown prince and the creepazoid: freak power!
  • Spiral Architects oversee the construction of a quicksilver Atlantis
  • Synch : everything is green and submarined, marooned on a velvet island of sacred oblivion
  • With a mouthful of stars, I trip over my feet
  • Big Bad Clumsy Moon
  • We lost the skyline, stepped right off the map. Drifted off into space, and let the clocks relapse.
  • Dissolution. Confusion. Chaos.

3:30 - Back to the Sanctuary... peace and tranquil. Message from God.

4:10 - Spacial Distortion: extremely menacing vibrations were all around us. Please! Tell me about the fucking golf shoes!

4:40 - Wasted spaceman lost in an orbit

5:25 - Grooving, Converting Vegetarians. Shadow puppets and crystallized spherechuckers.

5:30 - Commencement of the Third - Boom Shankar!

6:10 - Morning's soft embrace, alone and content, kissed by the gentle rain.

tH3 ЮnG & ₩!n¶iNg J.

6:30 - Shpongle

7:10 - Wheels. Alloyed Steel. Steer Right or Left. What the fuck - I can't drive, I'd rather fly...

7:30 - Deliberations. Maggot Brain.

8:10 - Message from God: leavetakings...

Lotus Feet. Losing necessary cohesion.

9:00 - Obscure Time Loops. The Enemy is awake! Rewind, just push play. I think I'm getting the fear...

Lost, strung out, wasted into blank space... swimming in around the perimeter.

how long had this shit been going on? Get a grip. Maintain.

10:30 - Kronos, he who has abandoned me... the mystery of electric day-glow fan

Wait for sleep.

"Before you
slip into unconsciousness
I'd like to have another
flashing chance at bliss
Another kiss, another kiss"


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