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Phantasmagoria, magic lantern shows, spectacles without substance. They achieved complete sensory experiences through noise, incense, lightening, water. There may be a time when we'll attend Weather Theaters to recall the sensation of rain.

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The main thing a musician would like to do, is to give a picture to the listener of the many wonderful things he knows of and senses in the universe... I'm using the insides of sounds to move around in a very subtle way which, I think, ends up being inevitable. I feel it's the only solution to that particular problem that I presented myself.

Friday, September 30, 2005

A Series of Merry Unfortunate Incidents

let's sit down and smoke up with the Satyr down by the Commons...
get high...
take a piss on the big fucking stone turtle...
fuck the police...
and now you tell me I've gotta drink before I think?
go down by the pond, big fucking mutant geese tried to bite my cock off...
I heard they're selling revelations and epiphanies in paper tabs for 7 bucks a piece - we'll lie down on the football field under the stars and cross the threshold -
please let us fuck with the infinite...
nightmares and dreamscapes...
wicked princesses and virtuous harlots dancing with me in the great circle with the lil' green men and Dionysus standing there jerking off to the mad beating of the drums and the broken bagpipes

here you are pwned by a cycloptic pepperoni and you think you are motherfucking Yoda and shit?

now what is that?


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