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Phantasmagoria, magic lantern shows, spectacles without substance. They achieved complete sensory experiences through noise, incense, lightening, water. There may be a time when we'll attend Weather Theaters to recall the sensation of rain.

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The main thing a musician would like to do, is to give a picture to the listener of the many wonderful things he knows of and senses in the universe... I'm using the insides of sounds to move around in a very subtle way which, I think, ends up being inevitable. I feel it's the only solution to that particular problem that I presented myself.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


What do you do when it hits you so softly straight between the eyes?
Do you turn back and look for the ghosts?

Haunted by the smiles and the tears?
Chase around the shadows of yesterday, and run to grasp the fading starlight within your fingers before it slips away and morning erases the memories of midnight?
Or do you tell yourself the same old lies, and walk away, like you do every time…
and all that remains is the fading cigarette smoke…

I just thought the ghosts were real and the carnival never stopped…


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